Tools to tune Trionic based Saab and Opel Engines


t8suite_img_2The T8Suite is an Open Source tool used to tune Trionic 8 based ECU’s.

With the T8Suite it is possible to tune how the software behaves to increase the performance of the car and adjust the software for hardware modifications, such a high performance injectors.

The T8Suite also supports real-time view and can be used to predict the behavior of the tune through it’s Air-mass viewer.

System Requirements

A PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
Microsoft .NET 4.0
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
Administrator rights

The T8Suite currently supports the following interfaces:

  • Lawicel CANUSB
  • CombiAdapter
  • OBDLink SX
  • Just4Tronic
  • Kvaser HS
  • J2534 (Beta)

Download zip and extract T8Suite.msi and setup.exe. Run the bootstrap file setup.exe.
Required frameworks will be verified and downloaded if need by the bootstrap file.

Download (29.85 MiB)

MD5 Checksum

Changelog T8Suite
chriva: live-tuneable should include sram-only ( 15:00:00 GMT
chriva: mapviewer do not enable write function if it should be disabled etc. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Add support for FXB4 in symbol dictionary ( 15:00:00 GMT
chriva: Open viewer for either data location. Prevent mapviewer from reading or writing of undefined ranges. ( 15:00:00 GMT
chriva: Do not perform address translation on adaption/obd symbols. sram viewers had a hard time figuring out symbol axis. CompareResult hex/decimal ( 15:00:00 GMT
Witold Olechowski: LambdaShield AFR WB support( 15:00:00 GMT
Witold Olechowski: gas map shortcuts( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Add experimental XWD torque limit removal tp ( 15:00:00 GMT
Support for tuning packs with wildcards and replace from search string ( 15:00:00 GMT
chriva: reverts to the old behaviour where the user have to manually update a table viewer ( 15:00:00 GMT
roffe: dynamic tuning menu! ( 15:00:00 GMT
rebuild ( 15:00:00 GMT
chriva: TEM editor ( 15:00:00 GMT
chriva: PID editor ( 15:00:00 GMT
chriva: Realtime values using dynamic ECU id functionality ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: 3 bar map tuning packs ( 15:00:00 GMT
New version ( 15:00:00 GMT
Add STAG AFR WB support by Witold Olechowski ( 15:00:00 GMT
T8 fixed open bin axises ( 15:00:00 GMT
T8 maps in open bins now with correct values ( 15:00:00 GMT
T8 detect open software ( 15:00:00 GMT
S19 T8 files might be gziped like gbf files ( 15:00:00 GMT
New trioniccanlib in t78suites ( 15:00:00 GMT
S19 verify checksum ( 15:00:00 GMT
Support for reading T8 apptool "s19" files and save it to bin ( 15:00:00 GMT
Check settings combi ( 15:00:00 GMT
Exception handling and merge module for vs2010 c++ ( 15:00:00 GMT
Negative axis values temp fixed, code had nasty sideeffects. More MapViewer cleanups ( 15:00:00 GMT
AirmassViewer hasFirmwareLimit ( 15:00:00 GMT
MapViewers sync ( 15:00:00 GMT
MapViewers code cleanup ( 15:00:00 GMT
Check adapter settings inform user ( 15:00:00 GMT
Excel 2007 import/export fixes ( 15:00:00 GMT
T8 Remove unused excel references ( 15:00:00 GMT
T8 fix realtime toolstrip and sync with T7 functionality ( 15:00:00 GMT
New commonsuite, fix logworks DIF export for req 2000mg/c+ ( 15:00:00 GMT
ELM to OBDLink SX, and read adaptertype from canlib. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Kvaser issues #38 fixed ( 15:00:00 GMT
Save additional symbols in xml files. New commonsuite version ( 15:00:00 GMT
Checksum cleanup ( 15:00:00 GMT
Removed valentine/christmas/halloween skins ( 15:00:00 GMT
nuget HexBox v1.6.1 ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added TCM modification file ( 15:00:00 GMT
johanbogg: Modifications to tuningpack code (#28) ( 15:00:00 GMT
Refactor airmassviewer ( 15:00:00 GMT
Remove deprecated xml symbolfiles ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Tuning menu, Airmass section rewritten. Fuelcut button added ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: airmassviewer automatic limit 350nm and manual 400nm ( 15:00:00 GMT
Support for new style symbolnames ( 15:00:00 GMT
T8Suite J2534 support ( 15:00:00 GMT
New j2534 lib ( 15:00:00 GMT
New CAN lib ( 15:00:00 GMT
Sync and update Nlog v4.4.12 ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed upgrade issue ( 15:00:00 GMT
Readonly CompareViewers ( 15:00:00 GMT
Syncronize SurfaceGraphViewer ( 15:00:00 GMT
Name SaveToFile handler ( 15:00:00 GMT
File open and symboltranslator improvements ( 15:00:00 GMT
Syncronized RealtimeGraph ( 15:00:00 GMT
Channels and Colors in RealtimeGraphControl ( 15:00:00 GMT
Merge realtimegraph ( 15:00:00 GMT
Align Viewlogfile ( 15:00:00 GMT
Kvaser v5.14 to v5.20 ( 15:00:00 GMT
Rename and always copy xmls ( 15:00:00 GMT
New CommonSuite version ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: FE18_C_FME2 full and updated the file contents in project file. ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Added xmls ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: canlib32.dll was not copied to build dir in T7. Refreshed T7 setup project that wasn't building anymore. ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: Fixed problem with the black background in the old MapViewer ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: All compiled for x86 ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: Make use of the static VINDecoder methods also from T8 ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: VINDecoder methods can be static ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: Setups optimization ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: Still fixing warnings ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: Added specific test for the VIN checksum algorithm. ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: Fixing some warnings. Made two Test projects (same tests) for T7 and T8. ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: Made the VIN checksum testable, added some test cases. ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: VIN checksum: additional fixes ( 15:00:00 GMT
alus: VIN decoder now checking and eventually correcting VIN checksum digit ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed file association. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Use SuiteLauncher project and new commonsuite ( 15:00:00 GMT
Helper SystemFileAssociation ( 15:00:00 GMT
SuiteLauncher can create systemFileAssociations ( 15:00:00 GMT
Move symbolviewlayout.xml mymaps.xml rtsymbols.txt ( 15:00:00 GMT
Remove NL files. fix t8suite icon ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed decimal problem for correction-offset/factor ( 15:00:00 GMT
Flasher log in uilog ( 15:00:00 GMT
New trionic can lib ( 15:00:00 GMT
Rename immo to serialnumber ( 15:00:00 GMT
Logworks export In.U_O2SensFront and Out.t_Injection ( 15:00:00 GMT
Default project folder to MyDocuments\TxSuite\Projects ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed SymbolsColors LogWorks LogFile PlotSelection. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Lift out binaries into T8Extras. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Remove logworks and disableconnectioncheck. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Introducing MapViewerFactory ( 15:00:00 GMT
Remove commented code ( 15:00:00 GMT
Realtime and clear/get DTC and ecu info fixes. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Remove exit and extract symboltable. ( 15:00:00 GMT
T8 flash current file and remove sram read ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed common suite nlog dependency and version bump. ( 15:00:00 GMT
New can lib. New t8suite release. Fixed timout. Legion used default. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Upgraded to new canlib and nlog. Now can use legion bootloader, selective flash. New setting to enable the improved bootloader. ( 15:00:00 GMT
52turbolimiter removal. SaabNooB and Mackan! ( 15:00:00 GMT
New trioniccanlib with kvaser fixes ( 15:00:00 GMT
First commit for new style symbolnames ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed t8suite warnings ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed some build warnings in commonsuite ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added mackans FC0G Torque limiter removal to tuning wizard. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Tune Me Up RIP, long live TuningWizard! ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added new symbolfiles FE09_C_FME4 and FC0J_C_FME1.( 15:00:00 GMT
General symbolfile loading based on filename vs softwareversion. ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Added FC0J_C_FME1 and renamed FE09 to match basefile. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fix dot to comma conversion and enable hardware handshake. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added fuelflow corrected for maxed out injectors. ( 15:00:00 GMT
New canlib for kvaser. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed EGT regression, thanks KuTeR!. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Corrected DC and lambda calculations, thanks Brisse! Added units to labels. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Remove deprecated Vc++ 2010. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Add battery correction to the injector DC calculation. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Readded BstKnkCal.MaxAirmass for automatics. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Remove duplicated code and add progress support in airmass viewer. ( 15:00:00 GMT
T8 Removed duplicated Calculation code in airmassviewer. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fix airmassviewer TorqueLbft. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fix airmass view performance and compressormap issues. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed naming and only read maps once. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Refactored trionic8file, ctrlairmassresult replaces frmairmassresult. ctrlCompressormap added. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Moved class to commonsuite, removed frmairmassresult. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Rebuild new CommonSuite version ( 15:00:00 GMT
LogFilters refactored ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fix symbolcolor registry fault. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fix suiteregistry ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed crash in readflash ( 15:00:00 GMT
Refactored more classes into CommonSuite ( 15:00:00 GMT
Refactored more stuff to commonsuite. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed EditTuningpackage ( 15:00:00 GMT
Moved more functionality to CommonSuite ( 15:00:00 GMT
Refactored, and implemented CSVGenerator ( 15:00:00 GMT
Readded airmass result viewer in T8. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Do not do automatic checksum corrections default. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Sync user interface between T7 and T8 ( 15:00:00 GMT
zipmsiupdater ( 15:00:00 GMT
Add disassembler comment for movem ( 15:00:00 GMT
T8 support for clearDTC ( 15:00:00 GMT
T8 add missing bootstrap for visual c++ ( 15:00:00 GMT
Add missing T8 t8x files to installer. issue#3 ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: Cleanup of samplecode ( 15:00:00 GMT
New canlib, now release build.. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added support for newer logworks. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed binaries installation path in t8suite. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added missing content file in setup for T7 and t8. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Moved the t7 and t8 suites to workaround msbuild fault in vs2010. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Eliminate duplicate files ( 15:00:00 GMT
Eliminate duplicate project files ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: Preparing project for move ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: Preparing old project for move ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: Point to the right CommonSuite ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: wis fault codes ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: Target framework 4.0 ( 15:00:00 GMT
Moved some files to CommonSuite and synced T7 and T8 ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added more files to CommonSuite. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Moved files to Plot3D ( 15:00:00 GMT
Collected Plot3D files ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added submodule CommonSuite, removed duplicate files. ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: dependency to ICSharpCode.TextEditor ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: Added CommonSuite submodule ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: from CommonSuite TrionicCANLib dependency ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: Moved DTCDescription to T7Suite ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: Make use of CommonSuite and DTC new way added ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: All common code moved to CommonSuite repository ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: Initial version of CommonSuite. All code that can be used in both T7Suite and T8SuitePro ( 15:00:00 GMT
loozicht: DTC codes mechanisme added ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed Turbo model for MY06 207E and 207L ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added InjCorrCal to fixed tuning pack ( 15:00:00 GMT
No more dropbox ( 15:00:00 GMT
Upgraded to latest canlib. Fixed adapternames. Wifi support. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Moved log creation to path ApplicationData/MattiasC/T8suitePro ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added zip ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added setup.exe bootstrap that check and download required fw ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed issue with missing canusbdrv.dll ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added new signed symbols from t7 ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed issue with special combi and wideband names. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed bug with no default CAN adapter ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries as prereq ( 15:00:00 GMT
New widebandsupport.dll to handle disconnect. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Limit to two decimals for afr/lambda in realtime for digital lambda. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed bug when wizard update pi area ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fix fault with adapter setting ( 15:00:00 GMT
MultiAdapter to CombiAdapter ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added missing dll ( 15:00:00 GMT
SharpZipLib fix ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed realtime sign and comma issues. ( 15:00:00 GMT
New SuiteLauncher with icon. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fix app settings and remove duplicated code. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faan_skit: Fixed tuning wizard log error and issue #15 ( 15:00:00 GMT
faan_skit: Renamed backup file for clarity, issue #15 ( 15:00:00 GMT
New canlib version ( 15:00:00 GMT
Moved libs. New trioniccanlib. Switched to Nlog. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faan_skit: Added wizard message ( 15:00:00 GMT
faan_skit: ST1 Tuning Packs for "OLD" Saab's ( 15:00:00 GMT
Md5 checksum for installer. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Changed to .net v4.0. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Updated to support FC*. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Bin name added to t8l name, support for logworks v3.11 added. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Ported digital wideband support from t7suite. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed bug for FD0I binaries. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Cleaned up included xml symbolsname files ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fix typo. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Cleanup the decode symbolname implementation. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Named some checkboxes. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Refactored XML loading. Removed the repository. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Copy to output always for FE09_C.xml. ( 15:00:00 GMT
bogg : Tuning Pack for Turbo Upgrade from TD04L 11T to 14T ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added several new t8x packages from faan_skit and mackan. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faan_skit : Added logging of execution of Tuning Packs ( 15:00:00 GMT
faan_skit : Support for symbolname->flash in searchreplace ( 15:00:00 GMT
faan_skit : Implemented replace function ( 15:00:00 GMT
faan_skit : Wizard updates name and date in PI area ( 15:00:00 GMT
Found old missing code, PI area edit, thanks Nappe! ( 15:00:00 GMT
faan_skit : Author for t8x added. Torque limiter files added ( 15:00:00 GMT
faan_skit : Removed update of author in PI area ( 15:00:00 GMT
Update PI area only in debug. ( 15:00:00 GMT
IDA pro IDC file generation. ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: XML loaders, more symbols. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Re-factored to reduce risk of error. Added utility to generate code from AS2 file. Compile error on generated code fixed. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Re-factored sybolUnitTranslation to comile when expanding repository beyond 7000 symbols. Sybol names now based on FF0L AS2 definitions. ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Added FF0L XML. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Refactored Symbol processing and information management. Made right-click axis lookup in maps functional. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed column fault with compareviewer and comparediffviewer. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Improxed support for static defined support axis´es. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added support for mapviewer. Skip legend in MapViewer. Moved Idc file genration to own UI button. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: AS2 parser now parses multiple files. Symboldictionary for FF0L and FC01 in SymbolDictionary. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Implemented dynamic Tuning menues. Depends on SW version. Dynamic FlexFuel Turque menues. Old vs new break now assumes happens with FC0N. Fixed bug in SymbolTranslator that caused unknown maps to show only 0es. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fix FC0G and below issue. Fix open file name. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Dynamic menu for FF removed for old files. Added stub for a Tuning Wizad. Finalzed Tuning Wizard prototype. Static tunes visualized. No tuning actions implemented. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Added support to find duplicate maps with incompatible axis´es. Added some plumbing to fix problem with same map having different axis in different software versions. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Swap userdescription and varname in symbollist. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Fixed error related to incorrect axis maps in symbols that differs between binaries, e.g. BstKnkCal.MaxAirmass. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Design pattern for TuningPackages re-made. Added experimental code to copy maps. Needs some more work. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Faster builds, removed Setup from debug configuration. Fixed compare for symbolless files, improved compare. Replaced some ugly "+ string + " stuff with proper string.Format("{}",) ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed all failing testcases, because Mackan fixed the vindecoder. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Implemented first tuning action and revised the design pattern a tiny bit. Wizard ready for beta test. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Complemented tuning action 150/175 with more maps. Wizard now shows actual modified maps. Added support for old files, and fixed bug in Refres. Will not open hidden windows now. ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Added tuningpack in the repo for B207E to B207L conversion. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Removed t8test from debug build. Refactored copied code, removed pointless code. Added a TuningPacks dir both in repo and in installation. Generated a t8x file. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Implemented AES encryption of Wizard Driven Tuning Packages. Moved wizard out of debug, removed some dead code in wizard. Added signing of t8x packages. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Moved crypto things to separate file. Honoring copyright of RSACryptoServiceProviderExtension. Fixed PUB vs. PRIV PEM usage in unused code. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Added a new command to t8x. binaction= which performs code modifications. Also added a Torqu Limiter removal and associated t8p/t8x packages. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Refactored SearchAndReplace function to make it generic. Next step is to make use of it from t8x file reader. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added public key to installation and copied autmatically to bin dir. ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Added FE09 XML. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Implemented search and replace function from t8p, some refactoring still needed. Removed dead code, fixed bug when using searchreplace in regular t8p. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Quick fix for Releasenotes control. New TrionicCANLIb version. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Rewrote search and replace to be more intuitive in both code and t8p. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Add t8x to setup proj. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Moved to VS2010, white and blacklist for t8x. Added ability to use code= in tuning packs. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Increased visibility for protected tuning packages. Improved look and feel of Wizard Code Page. Fixed TuningFile for torque removals. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Added file to be used to remove whitespace from t8p files. Managing expectations. Fixed bug in dynamic tuning menu. Included B207E to L conversion for new new cars. ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Fixed so that symbolfiles loads ( 15:00:00 GMT
faanskit: Fixed suite build ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added missing xml files in installer ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Added FD0I XML ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Added code for auto import of FD0I symbolnames ( 15:00:00 GMT
New updater, Tabs have one column. Fixed issue #6. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added FD0M symbolname list to automatically load. Fixes #1. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed support for symbolless sram variable reads. ( 15:00:00 GMT
#5 Added support for gzip'ed gbf files. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Reverted: Compressed binaries in installer pkg. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Compressed binaries in installer pkg. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed only p-bus connection. New trionicCANLib version. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Just4pLeisure: Very rough built-in symbol decompressor... ( 15:00:00 GMT
Corrected symbolnames, CommonSuite, version in title ( 15:00:00 GMT
CommonSuite, dosbox delete, cleanup ( 15:00:00 GMT
Cleanup msiupdater and frmUpdateAvailable ( 15:00:00 GMT
Cleanup CAN adapter settings ( 15:00:00 GMT
More commonsuite ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added log4net in t8suite ( 15:00:00 GMT
New versions. Updated TrionicCANLib to version ( 15:00:00 GMT
Removed unused RSS function. New versions. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Integrated latest can lib ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Changed update addresses from mobixs to trionictuning ( 15:00:00 GMT
Test release ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fix update server (again) ( 15:00:00 GMT
Do not show realtime at startup. Enable recovery for ELM. Disable realtimeTmr when realtime is hidden/closed. ( 15:00:00 GMT
jacek: include trionic can lib. small changes to make ELM327 work efficiently with T8 (reading, writing, real time logging works) ( 15:00:00 GMT
jacek: added 2mbit support for obdlink. added realtime tab (empty display) for performance ( 15:00:00 GMT
jacek: added #if debug so that logging is only enabled in debug ( 15:00:00 GMT
Replace turbodesignation _ with - in vindecoder frame. ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Updated modelseries, engines and turbochargers according to WIS ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Bugfix for 2011 9-3 in VIN Decoder. Removed the special code for 9-3 in VIN decoder and only decode by modelyear. Added turbo for A20NFT_LHU_BP. ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Changed Help-About menu to show the forums instead of Dilemmas e-mail. Also was humble and added myself to the list 😉 ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: T8suite settings changed. Automatic mapdetection off (As it is not working properly at the moment). Measure afr in lambda on (Trionic 7 and 8 uses lambda in all maps as standard) Pbus only on (NG9-3 only uses pbus for engine data anyhow) Show addresses in hex (this is the normal way for any engine tuner) ( 15:00:00 GMT
mackan: Vin decoder + help-about updated. More info regarding engines and corrected turbochargers(taken from WIS). Removed and added links for the forums instead. ( 15:00:00 GMT
fix injector dc, afr, lambda and egt calculations in airmass viewer ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed combiadapter max+min and peak issues. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Changed update server ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added one more vin testcase ( 15:00:00 GMT
Disassembler and vectorlist improvements ( 15:00:00 GMT
Import gdf files fixes from Just4pLeisure ( 15:00:00 GMT
Copy to clipboard from symbollist ( 15:00:00 GMT
Small cleanup, unused variable ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added more firmwares ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fw info and realtime special symbols ( 15:00:00 GMT
Support for 9-3 MY08+ by tioneb ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added vindecoder unit test and project ( 15:00:00 GMT
Refactored decoder, more information. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Improved vindecoder and unittests for it. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added PSTaskDialog project instead of dll ( 15:00:00 GMT
MY11 info and new binaries ( 15:00:00 GMT
Improved vindecoder ( 15:00:00 GMT
Improved disassembler from t7suite. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed new registry path issue. Fixed avgdiff, diffperc ( 15:00:00 GMT
Xml binaries compare was broken ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added gear values comment ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added descriptions/units for alot maps. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Project Converter cured issues in projects designer view ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed more build issues. Added add to realtime in context menu. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Made the airmass dialog taller, because pedalmap is bigger on t8 than t7. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Aligned context menu entries, menu item names and item order with t7suite ( 15:00:00 GMT
Synced vindecoder from t7suite ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed one more error in t8suite on 64bit windows ( 15:00:00 GMT
Synced some files with v1.4.8.0 release. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fix for build target Any running on windows 64bit. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Minor sync with v1.4.8.0 and removed some commented code. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Sync with v1.4.9.0 ( 15:00:00 GMT
Changed back and forth where icon and decode.exe should reside ( 15:00:00 GMT
Faster dosbox decode ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed issue with MY2011 symboltable was before address that t8suite searched from. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed issue with DNCompCal.T_EngSP ( 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed VIOSMAFCal and TrqLimCal.TrqManGear. ( 15:00:00 GMT
Move T8suite code into subdirectory ( 15:00:00 GMT
Added firmwares and required binary and source ( 15:00:00 GMT
Quick fix for x64 platforms (1.4.9)03/05/2013 15:00:00 GMT
Github merge version (1.4.8)02/28/2013 15:00:00 GMT
Added dosbox function like in T7Suite (1.4.7)09/26/2012 15:00:00 GMT
Small issues resolved (1.4.6)05/23/2012 15:00:00 GMT
Enabled realtime stuff for files without symboltable (1.4.6)05/23/2012 15:00:00 GMT
Added a lot of symboldescriptions, correction factors and axis information (1.4.5)05/22/2012 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed compare function when using symboltableless files (1.4.4)05/21/2012 15:00:00 GMT
Added AS2 and CSV import options (1.4.4)05/21/2012 15:00:00 GMT
Added more files to the library (1.4.3)05/08/2012 15:00:00 GMT
Small bugfix in airmass result viewer (1.4.2)05/07/2012 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed several bugs (1.4.1)05/01/2012 15:00:00 GMT
Upgrade to DevExpress V11.2 components (1.4.0)01/31/2012 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed LogWorks export for combi adapter AD channels (1.3.9)09/19/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed compare function (1.3.9)09/19/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed Just4Trionic device designation (1.3.8)09/12/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added Just4Trionic device (1.3.7)09/08/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Blocked flash and recovery options for ELM327 device (1.3.6)08/31/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Reversed display and detection of E85 fuelling map for Biopower files (1.3.6)08/31/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed display and detection of E85 fuelling map for Biopower files (1.3.5)08/29/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added library for known files (1.3.4)08/24/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added recovery option for failed flash sessions (1.3.3)06/21/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added an extra set of maps to tune in the tuning wizard which are used for 150hp rated cars (1.3.1)05/31/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed bug in version detection method for ELM327 devices (1.3.1)05/31/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added support for ELM327 v1.2+ devices (1.3.0)05/24/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Better support for flashblocks (1.2.9)05/19/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added export function from symbollist (1.2.8)05/17/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added TIS file support (1.2.8)05/17/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added several functions (1.2.7)05/17/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added option to turn off auto map detection (1.2.7)05/17/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed several minor bugs (1.2.7)05/17/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Canbus connectivity extended! (1.2.6)05/12/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added MyMaps function (1.2.6)05/12/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added CANbus connectivity to T8Suite (1.2.5)05/05/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added project based development (1.2.4)02/23/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added tuning package options (1.2.4)02/23/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Added more stuff to the airmassviewer (1.2.3)01/26/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Improved the tuning wizard (1.2.3)01/26/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Small bugfixes for previous release (1.2.2)01/06/2011 15:00:00 GMT
First experimental support for changing VIN and immobilizer codes (1.2.1)01/05/2011 15:00:00 GMT
Motorola S19 support added (1.2.0)12/01/2010 15:00:00 GMT
Maintainance release (1.1.9)11/24/2010 15:00:00 GMT
Added map selection options when transferring data to another binary (1.1.8)11/09/2010 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed another bug in opening late (2009) binary files (1.1.8)11/09/2010 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed bug in opening late (2009) binary files (1.1.7)11/04/2010 15:00:00 GMT
Added bin auto detect mechanism in all suites (1.1.6)08/10/2010 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed late MY binary files map detection (1.1.5)06/21/2010 15:00:00 GMT
Fixed opel Trionic 8 file open problem (1.1.4)04/05/2010 15:00:00 GMT
Added more autodetect maps (1.1.3)03/01/2010 15:00:00 GMT
Added autodetect map structure for bins without known symboltable (1.1.2)02/25/2010 15:00:00 GMT
Added options to enter user descriptions and import XML file with descriptions (1.1.1)02/18/2010 15:00:00 GMT
Added a trial version of the airmass result viewer (1.1.0)12/10/2009 15:00:00 GMT
Added a trial version of the wizard (1.1.0)12/10/2009 15:00:00 GMT
Includes updated documentation for the checksum! (1.0.9)12/08/2009 15:00:00 GMT
Initial beta release including file checksums! (1.0.8)11/25/2009 15:00:00 GMT
Initial alpha release (1.0.7)09/15/2009 15:00:00 GMT

Download and install the T8Extras.msi package to get binary firmware files.
Logworks can be downloaded from

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